News – May 2018

Website makeover

It’s been a while since my website has had a makeover so over the last month I’ve been working hard to update it and make it run as fast as possible.

Bringing back the blog

I’ve added a few new pages to the website most notably the blog that you’re currently reading.

A few years ago I used to do monthly updates of the events I’ve been doing and I really enjoyed writing it so I’ve decided to bring it back.

I’ll also be writing a bit more about events and different entertainment ideas plus all things magic related. Stay tuned!

Other new pages

Having been working as a magician for 10 years now it turns out I’ve built up an awful lot of photos of me performing.

One of the best bits of being a magician is seeing people’s reactions to tricks and so I thought it would be good to have a page full of reaction shots to my tricks.

I’ll be adding a brand new gallery with all the photos soon.

Writing for Vanishing Inc

This year I was asked to write some blog posts for magic shop Vanishing Inc.

I’m doing a post every month talking about what it’s like being a full time magician with tips on how to approach crowds, dealing with difficult people and other issues professional magicians face.

You can read my first three posts on their blog:

  • Approaching a crowd
  • Replying to enquiries
  • Dealing with difficult audience members

If you have any topics that you’d like to me write about I’m trying to think of some new ideas so drop me an email!

Anyway that’s it for now. Have a good May!