Magician Fails: When Magic Tricks Go Wrong

As I’m sure you can appreciate, performing magic isn’t easy. It’s hard enough trying to get the technical moves right on their own before you have to do it in front of an audience at an event.

Picture this, you’ve spent months if not years perfect a certain move and you finally start showing it to real people. Then you’re thrown in front of a host of cameras that are recording live television with thousands if not millions of people watching knowing that if you screw it up it’ll be all over YouTube in a matter of hours.

Whilst I empathise with the magicians below, there is part of me that loves watching a magic trick go horribly wrong. Below I’ve compiled some of my favourite videos of when things didn’t go quite as planned. Try to enjoy and I hope they’re not too cringe-worthy!

David Williamson and Murray

If you haven’t heard of David Williamson then you’re not alone. To most muggles it’s a name that will mean nothing, but, if you ask a professional magician who their favourite magician is, I will bet that “David Williamson” will be their answer. He used to have a T.V show back in the ’90s and invited young Murry to join him for a three-card trick. Unfortunately, Murray spotted something not quite right and was quick to point it out, ending the magic a little earlier than planned…

David Blaine messes up a card trick

I’m a huge fan of David Blaine, he’s been one of my biggest inspirations since becoming a magician. I could spend hours and hours (and I have) watching him perform. For me, he’s up there with the greatest magicians of all time, but, in this video, he shows that sometimes a trick just goes wrong! It’s a good lesson on how to salvage a trick gone wrong and even though he’s on a live stream with tens of thousands of people watching he’s so relaxed. A true pro.

Masked magician screws up a card trick

One of my favourites is this card trick by the masked magician. He totally messes up simple card trick that is one of the first ones you learn when getting into magic. You will cringe as he tries to reconcile it!

Marcin Połoniewicz impales the host

A quick warning, this one is quite unpleasant to watch. Polish magician, Marcin Poloniewicz is performing the famous smash and stab trick but as you can probably guess, he doesn’t quite ‘nail’ it.

I hope you enjoyed my favourite magician fails. Got any others I should check out? Email me!

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