​I’ve tried to answer all the things I get asked in the main pages of my site. But here are some others questions that you might be wondering about.

If I still haven’t covered it though just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you with an answer.

Do You Travel?

I’d be silly not to wouldn’t I? I’m based in Surrey but I’m happy to travel quite literally everywhere. I’ve been to Kuwait, Switzerland, France, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Jersey, Germany, Denmark, Dubai, Mexico and Florida for events. I’m also constantly travelling up and down the UK. I usually just add travel expenses to cover petrol/train fares if it’s outside of the M25 though.

What If You're Ill On The Day?

I’ve been working as a magician full time since 2012. I’ve performed at over 1300 different events and in that time I’ve only had to pull out of one event due to sickness and I was able to arrange for another fantastic magician friend to cover for me. Being self-employed if I can’t get to work I can’t pay my rent so I recommend Berocca!

Why Isn't Your Mobile Number On Your Website?

I took my number off my website a few years back as I was getting a lot of nuisance calls. I’m happy to give you a call back if you email me though.

How Long Do You Usually Perform For?

The average event with the average amount of people would probably be around two – three hours, but I can perform for however long (or short) that you want me for!

Do You Do Kid's Parties?

Sadly not. I find anything under 13 and my tricks go over their heads. If there are going to be a few children at your event though I have a couple of tricks that are a bit more visual that they can enjoy.

Who Is Your Favourite Magician?

I have a few! I really like Penn and Teller. If you haven’t seen them it’s certainly worth a you tube session. I grew up watching David Blaine so obviously him but my favourite magician to watch at the moment is Michael Carbonaro on his show “The Carbonaro Effect”. Follow me on Facebook as I usually post videos of my favourite acts.

Do You Have A Day Job?

Believe it or not, magic is my day job. I do around 200 events a year which is quite a lot of admin but I’ve been full-time since 2012.

I do have a little side project called Hello Music Theory where I teach music theory. I studied music at university so it’s nice to keep doing a bit of music for fun when I have spare time.