So I was born and raised in London and I now live in Godalming, Surrey just on the edge of London. Before being a magician, I was a professional musician. I studied my undergraduate at The Royal Academy of Music (I played the double bass.)

When I’m not performing magic, I enjoy cooking, coffee and wine, eating Sushi, Mexican and Thai food, reading Roman history, learning French, playing chess, travelling and I love a good pun (Tim Vine is my hero).

I love performing magic because it allows me to travel around the country and the world meeting so many different people and hopefully bringing a moment of amazement to their day.

Magic is an instant icebreaker that everyone understands and goes beyond language. Making something seemingly impossible happen doesn’t need to be translated or explained. It’s understood, no matter where you’re from.

I’ve met some fantastic people along the way and only hope I can continue to do this for the years to come!

Anyway thanks for stopping by my site, I hope you like it. I’ve tried to include all the information I think you’ll need but if there’s something I’ve missed just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you.